The Ultimate Guide to Lettering Tattoo Designs: Styles, Meanings, & Ideas

Deciding on a tattoo can be tough, especially with so many styles out there. Tattoos using letters and words are a timeless choice that carry personal meaning. Our guide is packed with advice on choosing lettering designs and understanding their significance, ensuring your ink tells your unique story.

Dive in for the ultimate tattoo inspiration!

Key Takeaways

  • Lettering tattoos allow for personal expression through various font styles like script, block letters, and calligraphy, each with its own visual impact and significance.
  • Personalized lettering designs can include names, dates, inspirational quotes, or significant numbers to make the tattoo unique to the individual’s story or identity.
  • The popularity of lettering tattoo styles is influenced by trends such as celebrity – inspired designs and artistic fonts like gothic or calligraphy.
  • When choosing a lettering tattoo design, it’s crucial to consider factors such as skin tone compatibility and optimal body placement for the best aesthetic result.
  • Safety is vital when getting a lettering tattoo; selecting reputable artists and understanding aftercare can ensure both longevity of the ink and health of the skin.

Understanding Lettering Tattoo Designs

Lettering tattoos come in different categories and styles, allowing for personalization of the design. Whether you’re into traditional script, calligraphy, or bold fonts, there’s a lettering tattoo style for everyone.

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Categories of lettering tattoos

Tattoo enthusiasts often express themselves through the art of lettering. Each category showcases a different vibe and carries its own significance.

  • Script Tattoos: These feature elegant, cursive fonts that flow across the skin. Artists often create personalized script tattoos with names, dates, or meaningful phrases.
  • Block Letter Tattoos: Known for their clarity and impact, block letters stand out with their bold, straight lines and are ideal for making a statement.
  • Calligraphy Tattoos: Drawing from traditional penmanship, calligraphy tattoos are artistic and ornate, often chosen for their beauty and complexity.
  • Typographic Tattoos: Focus on innovative font styles and layout. Designers use typography to craft visually intriguing messages that play with space and alignment.
  • Gothic Lettering Designs: Reflect a medieval or dark aesthetic, characterized by sharp edges and elaborate details that can offer a dramatic effect.
  • Handwriting Tattoos: Mimic the personal touch of someone’s unique handwriting to preserve memories or pay tribute to loved ones in a deeply personal way.
  • Old English Fonts: Channel historical elegance through thick strokes and decorative elements, popular among those who appreciate vintage styles.
  • Graffiti-Inspired Tattoo Fonts: Infuse urban flair into body art. This style is colorful and freeform, capturing the dynamic nature of street art.
  • Font Tattoo Ideas with Symbols: Combine letters with symbols like hearts or infinity signs to add extra layers of meaning to your artistic expression.
  • Custom Lettering Designs: Work with tattoo artists to create one-of-a-kind designs tailored specifically to individual stories or concepts.

Popular styles and motifs

After understanding the categories and various styles of lettering tattoos, it’s essential to explore the popular styles and motifs that are trending in the tattoo world. Here are some of the most sought-after lettering tattoo styles and motifs for 2019:

  1. Calligraphy Tattoo Designs: Calligraphy fonts with elegant flourishes and intricate details are highly favored for their timeless and artistic appeal, adding a touch of sophistication to any lettering tattoo.
  2. Script Tattoo Styles: Script tattoos featuring cursive or handwritten styles continue to gain popularity for their personalized and expressive nature, often reflecting the wearer’s individuality and personality.
  3. Bold and Unique Fonts: Striking fonts with bold lines, unconventional letter shapes, or unique typographic elements create visually captivating lettering tattoos that stand out from traditional designs.
  4. Celebrity-Inspired Designs: Many individuals seek inspiration from celebrities who showcase meaningful or visually stunning lettering tattoos, incorporating famous quotes or significant words into their own custom designs.
  5. Gothic Lettering Designs: Gothic-inspired fonts with ornate details, sharp serifs, and dark undertones offer an edgy and dramatic aesthetic for those seeking a more unconventional style for their lettering tattoos.

Personalizing your tattoo

After exploring popular styles and motifs for lettering tattoos, it’s time to personalize your tattoo to make it unique and meaningful. Customizing your design allows you to incorporate elements that hold personal significance, such as names, dates, or symbols.

Consider using number tattoos to commemorate special occasions or adding symbolic lettering tattoos that represent important beliefs or aspirations in your life. When choosing a font tattoo idea, select one that resonates with your personality and complements the message you want to convey.

By focusing on personalized details, you can create a lettering tattoo that truly reflects who you are.

Tailoring your tattoo design ensures that it holds deep personal significance for you. Whether it’s integrating meaningful phrases or selecting a font style that captures your individuality, customizing your lettering tattoo allows you to express yourself in a powerful and enduring way.

The Meaning Behind Lettering Tattoos

Lettering tattoos can hold deep personal meanings, such as strength, faith, and love. They can also incorporate inspirational phrases or significant dates to symbolize important milestones in one’s life.

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Strength, respect, and loyalty scripts

Strength, respect, and loyalty scripts often feature bold, angular lettering to convey powerful messages. These designs can include names, phrases, or single words that hold personal significance.

Whether it’s a reminder of inner strength or a tribute to someone dear, these tattoos are an expression of unwavering commitment and honor. Tattoo artists skilled in script styles can bring these sentiments to life with precision and artistry.

As you consider the meaningful impact of these designs, explore how different fonts and sizes can enhance the visual impact of your chosen script.

Faith, love, and hope designs

Transitioning from the theme of strength, respect, and loyalty scripts, faith, love, and hope designs form a significant category in lettering tattoos. These meaningful designs often showcase religious symbols or words that hold deep personal significance to the wearer.

Faith-based tattoos can feature crosses, doves, or Bible verses. Love-themed designs may include hearts or romantic quotes while hope-inspired tattoos often incorporate uplifting messages or symbols of resilience.

Incorporating these themes into your tattoo design allows for powerful expressions of spirituality and inner strength. With the right combination of fonts and imagery, faith, love, and hope designs can serve as daily reminders of positivity and perseverance.

Inspirational phrases and quotes

Transitioning from faith, love, and hope designs, an impactful element in lettering tattoos is the inclusion of inspirational phrases and quotes. These can convey personal mottos or messages that hold deep significance for the wearer.

Inspirational phrases such as “carpe diem” or “never give up” serve as daily reminders of strength and resilience. Quotes from influential figures like Maya Angelou or Mahatma Gandhi can encapsulate powerful beliefs or philosophies.

Incorporating meaningful words into a lettering tattoo allows individuals to carry their source of inspiration with them at all times. Whether it’s a single word that carries immense weight or a motivational quote that serves as a guiding light, these tattoos have the ability to uplift and empower on a daily basis.

Incorporating numbers and dates

When considering a lettering tattoo, incorporating meaningful numbers and dates can add a personal touch to your design. Birthdates, anniversaries, lucky numbers, or significant dates can be integrated into the tattoo lettering to symbolize special moments or people in your life.

Whether it’s roman numerals representing an important date or a set of coordinates marking a memorable place, adding numbers and dates to your lettering tattoo can make it uniquely yours.

If you want to enhance the significance of your lettering tattoo, consider including meaningful numbers and dates within the design. These additions can elevate the personalization of your tattoo, making it more than just an aesthetic accessory on your skin.

Choosing the Right Lettering Tattoo

Consider factors like skin tone and placement when choosing the right lettering tattoo. Customizing your design to fit your style and body type is also important for a perfect result.

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Consider skin tone and body type

When choosing a lettering tattoo, it’s essential to consider your skin tone and body type. Opt for fonts and styles that complement your natural complexion, whether you have fair, medium, or dark skin.

Additionally, take into account the placement of the tattoo on your body and how it interacts with your physique. Certain lettering designs may look more visually appealing on specific areas of the body, so ensure that the tattoo seamlessly complements your body shape and size.

It is important to pick a font style that suits both your skin tone and body type when deciding on a lettering tattoo design. Different fonts can have varying visual impacts based on individual physical attributes such as skin color and body structure.

Placement considerations

When considering the placement of your lettering tattoo, it’s important to keep in mind factors such as skin tone and body type. Here are some crucial points to consider:

  1. Skin tone: Choose a location that complements your skin tone, ensuring the tattoo stands out without clashing with your natural complexion.
  2. Body type: Select a placement that accentuates your body’s natural curves or features, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the tattoo.
  3. Visibility: Consider whether you want your tattoo to be visible at all times or if you prefer a more discreet location for personal or professional reasons.
  4. Size and scale: Assess the size and scale of the design in relation to the placement area to ensure it fits well and looks proportionate.
  5. Symmetry and balance: Aim for a placement that allows for symmetry or balance with other tattoos, if applicable, creating a cohesive look across different parts of your body.
  6. Pain tolerance: Take into account pain sensitivity in different areas of the body when deciding on placement, especially if this is your first tattoo.
  7. Future considerations: Think about how the placement may impact future decisions regarding additional tattoos, leaving space for potential expansion or complementary designs.

Customizing your design

When customizing your lettering tattoo design, consider incorporating personal elements such as names, significant dates, or meaningful quotes. Choose a font style that resonates with your personality and complements the overall theme of your tattoo.

Experiment with different sizes and placements to find the perfect combination that reflects your individuality.

Explore unique lettering styles and motifs to add a distinctive touch to your design. By collaborating with a skilled tattoo artist, you can bring your vision to life by customizing every aspect of your lettering tattoo for a one-of-a-kind piece of art.

Top 50 Lettering Tattoo Ideas for 2019

Discover the latest and most popular lettering tattoo ideas for 2019, including celebrity-inspired designs, gothic and calligraphy styles, and bold and unique fonts to inspire your next custom lettering tattoo.

Celebrity-inspired designs

Celebrities often set trends, and their tattoos are no exception. Many people draw inspiration from the lettering designs of their favorite stars, incorporating elements such as handwriting styles or meaningful quotes.

Celebrities like Rihanna, David Beckham, and Angelina Jolie have popularized unique fonts and script tattoos that convey personal stories or important messages. These designs serve as a testament to individuality and creativity while resonating with a broad audience seeking to express themselves through ink art.

Moreover, celebrity-inspired lettering tattoo ideas offer a wide range of fonts and styles for those looking to personalize their body art. Whether it’s an iconic phrase or a symbolic symbol sported by a beloved public figure, these designs can add an extra layer of significance to one’s own journey – making them more than just ink on skin but also reflections of personal identity.

Gothic and calligraphy styles

Gothic and calligraphy styles bring an air of elegance and sophistication to lettering tattoos. These ornate scripts feature intricate details, elaborate swirls, and dramatic flourishes, making them a popular choice for those seeking a timeless and classic look.

The rich history behind these styles adds depth and allure to the tattoo, while their artistic complexity allows for striking designs that can be personalized with meaningful phrases or words.

Gothic and calligraphy styles offer a sense of mystery and romance, making them ideal for conveying deep sentiments or expressing profound beliefs through visually captivating tattoo lettering.

Bold and unique fonts

When selecting a lettering tattoo, consider bold and unique fonts to make your design stand out. Explore calligraphy styles or gothic influences for a distinct look that reflects your personality.

Incorporate personalized elements to create a one-of-a-kind font tattoo design that speaks to your individuality.

To create a striking lettering tattoo, opt for unconventional and eye-catching fonts that convey the meaning or message of your design effectively. Experiment with different styles to find the perfect bold and unique font that resonates with you while ensuring it complements your skin tone and body type.

Embrace custom lettering tattoos as an opportunity to express yourself creatively through meaningful word tattoos.

Frequently Asked Questions about Lettering Tattoos

Get answers to all your questions about application, safety, returns policies, and recommendations for tattoo artists and studios. Ready to learn more? Keep reading to discover the ultimate guide to lettering tattoo designs!

Application and longevity

When considering the application of lettering tattoos, it is crucial to choose a reputable and experienced tattoo artist or studio. Ensure that proper sterilization techniques are followed and high-quality ink is used to lessen the risk of infection and ensure longevity.

It’s important to discuss aftercare instructions with your tattoo artist, including how to clean and moisturize the tattooed area for optimal healing.

For longevity, it’s essential to protect your lettering tattoo from direct sunlight and apply sunscreen when exposed. Moisturizing regularly can help maintain the vibrancy of the ink over time.

Safety and shipping information

When purchasing lettering tattoo designs, it’s important to prioritize safety and ensure that the products are shipped securely. Look for reputable tattoo artists and studios with a strong track record of customer satisfaction and positive reviews.

Additionally, carefully review their shipping policies to guarantee your order arrives safely and in good condition. It’s essential to consider the hygiene standards followed by the tattoo artist or studio, as well as their use of sterilized equipment to ensure your safety during the application process.

For added peace of mind, inquire about returns and refunds policies before making a purchase. This can provide assurance that in case of any issues or concerns with your order, you have options for resolution.

Returns and refunds policies

Understand the return and refund policies before finalizing your decision to purchase a lettering tattoo design. Look for artists or studios that offer clear guidelines on their website, including information about returning or exchanging a design if it doesn’t meet your expectations.

When considering personalized tattoos, make sure to inquire about the artist’s policy on returns and refunds. It’s important to feel confident in your choice and understand the options available should you need to make changes.

Recommendations for tattoo artists and studios.

To ensure a successful lettering tattoo experience, it is crucial to carefully select a reputable and skilled tattoo artist or studio. Look for artists who specialize in lettering tattoos and have a portfolio showcasing their expertise in various font styles and designs.

Additionally, consider visiting different studios to evaluate cleanliness, professionalism, and the overall atmosphere.

When choosing a tattoo artist or studio, prioritize safety and hygiene standards. Ensure that they strictly adhere to sterilization protocols by using disposable needles, ink caps, gloves, and other equipment for each client.


In conclusion, this comprehensive guide has delved into the world of lettering tattoo designs, offering insights into various styles and meanings. By exploring different categories of lettering tattoos and popular motifs, readers can gain a deeper understanding of how to personalize their own design.

The tips on choosing the right tattoo for individual skin tone and body type provide valuable advice for those considering getting inked. Overall, this guide provides a wealth of information and ideas for anyone interested in learning about and exploring different lettering tattoo designs and styles.


1. What can I find in the Ultimate Guide to Lettering Tattoo Designs?

In The Ultimate Guide to Lettering Tattoo Designs, you’ll discover various styles, meanings behind each design idea, and creative suggestions for font and number tattoo designs.

2. How do I choose the right style for a name tattoo?

To choose a style for your name tattoo, think about what fits your personality and look through different font tattoo ideas to find one that resonates with your personal taste.

3. Are there special meanings behind lettering tattoo designs?

Yes, many lettering tattoos carry deep meanings which can represent personal beliefs, significant events or act as a tribute; each font and design could symbolize something unique to you.

4. Where can I get inspiration for my own lettering tattoo?

You can find inspiration by exploring our collection of diverse design ideas within The Ultimate Guide or seeing how others have expressed themselves using name tattoos styles or number designs.

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