Cheryl Cole Tatoo

Cheryl Cole Tatoo

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Cheryl Cole Defends English Roses Tattoo
Pop star Cheryl Cole has defended her decision to have a giant tattoo of English roses inked on her bottom and lower back after her artist posted an image of the design online.

Nikko Hurtado, who owns the Black Anchor tattoo studio in Hesperia, California, put the image on his Instagram page on Saturday.

Within hours, fans of the 30-year-old singer had posted their opinion of the tattoo on the star’s Twitter page.

Cole confirmed the image was of her bottom and said she had been hiding the design for eight months before it was detailed.

She wrote: “People are entitled to their own opinion. Personally I’ve never really concerned myself with other people’s body parts!

“I’ve had it for seven-eight months but only just had it detailed. I can pretty much safely say I’m now done!”

She added that the tattoo took around 15 hours to complete and she chose English roses as they are her favourite flowers.

Mr Hurtado said the picture was on an “in progress tattoo I’ve been covering up and reworking” and described the singer as “tough as nails”.

Online reaction to the tattoo has been mixed, with many fans expressing their dislike.

But Coronation Street actress Michelle Keegan wrote: “No gonna lie I actually heart @CherylCole new tattoo!”

In February she gave fans a glimpse of the tattoo while performing on stage with Girls Aloud.