Sunflower Tattoos On Shoulder

Sunflower Tattoos On Shoulder

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Getting my first tattoo!
So, I went on my senior class trip, and I decided to get my first tattoo!
Its been 5 years since my Dad has passed away…and a year after he died, I decided I was going to get a memory tattoo for him.

On our trip to NYC and NJ I decided to get the first part of my tattoo, I have a locket necklace thats laser sealed that has some of his ashes in it. And I got that replicated for my tattoo.

The rest of it will be, wings to the heart, ocean in the back, in the wave: In Memory of PSM 1954-2004, sunset in the back, and a dove to be my Dad in heaven.
I cant wait to finish it!!!!!

I got it on my shoulder, and it didnt hurt. It just felt like pressure.

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