Snake Skin Tattoo

Snake Skin Tattoo

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SNAKES SKIN Freehand Tattoo Studio.
Known to many in the trade as “SNAKE” Mark has made his stamp on the world of tattoo with his very own now famous freehand “unique” style.

Ever since his first tattoo SNAKE has been solely dedicated to freehand tattoo which soon won him a place in the international calendar (Landmarks of Tattoo) being the only Tattoo Artist representing the UK.

Weeks later he was to be featured front page in international magazine (Tattoo You).
All this within his first year….

Since then SNAKE’s work has been seen in many international publications, TV, the internet and now on the skin of Celebrities: Sports Stars, Film Stars, even Rock Stars.

Mark SNAKE is currently working in the United Kingdom.. his work is now known across the world.

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