Samoan Sleeve Tattoos

Samoan Sleeve Tattoos

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Casian’s Polynesian Half Sleeve Tattoo (customized) (HD ✔)
Here’s a quick preview from the last of six session of my Polynesian Half Sleeve Tattoo, which soon will become a full sleeve tattoo. To date, the tattoo is almost complete, but there are still some minor adjustments to be done.
The whole tattoo work took me a full summer (including healing periods). At this moment, the tattoo have like three different colors, but after will be fully healed and the skin will fully recover, there will be only two: ink black and hard orange.
The design is inspired from ancient Polynesia, with their well known marks and some custom elements I’ve added, usually included in their brave and devoted warrior’s arm pieces (marks).
Please do not ask questions regarding how painful it was or how much I paid for it. If you really want a tattoo for yourself, you shall pass over these obstacles and there is only one way to find out: get tattooed! Therefore, I think as though no one had ever thought before me.

0:08 – Dirtbox by Harmonic 313
4:30 – Psychedelic by Functional
7:09 – Channeling by John Robinson

I appreciate your time watching this video and reading the whole description.

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