Horse Shoe Tattoos

Horse Shoe Tattoos

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LUCKY HORSESHOE TATTOO KIT by Insane Tattoo Products
Order here LUCKY HORSESHOE TATTOO KIT by Insane Tattoo Products.

1. 2pcs Handmade Tattoo Machine Gun Used for Lining and Shading.

2. 1pc Top Quality Mini Tattoo Power Supply with Tattoo Pedal and Clip Cord.(We will provide different power plug according to your country).

3. Set of 40pcs 10ml Tattoo Inks Pigment.(Jet Black, Dark Red, Lemon Yellow, Snot Green, Tangerine, Medium Brown, Light Magenta, Bubblegum Pink, Dark Chocolate, Sea Foam Green, Tsunami Blue, Dark Brown, Agent Orange, Dark Green, Dark Purple, Carols Pink, Coco, Platinum, Bahama Blue, Tomato Red, Light Green, Dragon Green, Deep Yellow, Light Brown, Pink, Hunter Green, Peach, Sky Blue, True Black, White, Black, Brown Madder, Forest Green, Lavender, Bright Red, True Magenta, Creamsicle, Mustard, Shallow Coffee, Violet)

4. 1 Set of adjust tools and other attachments.