Tattoo Behind The Ear

Tattoo Behind The Ear

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Getting a Tattoo Behind the Ear
My friend have a tattoo behind the right ear. It was the least painful of all his tattoos (She has 5 total). While the skin there is thin, there is not as many nerve endings. The vibration of the tattoo machine right next to your ear is a little uncomfortable, but that’s the only real discomfort.

It’s also really easy to hide if you have medium/longer hair.

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Behind the ear tattoo cost

Tattoo behind the ear

Behind the ear tattoo

How much would it cost to get a verrrrrrry small tattoo behind your ear?
About 50-60. there’s usually a shop minimum no matter how small. and for a secret tattoo try your lower hip. that’s what i did bc my parents are against tattoos for religious reasons.