Celtic Tattoo Designs

Celtic Tattoo Designs

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How to Draw Basic Traditional Rose Tattoo Designs by a Tattoo Aritist
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Got a few requests for this and roses are used in loads of traditional tattoo designs in various compositions so I thought this would be a good video to do. I have been a tattoo artist for about 6 years now and these simple rose designs have never gotten old I still use them all the time so its well worth learning how to do them. I just wanted to go really basic on this drawing tutorial and do the kind of rose tattoo designs that anyone can learn. Hope this helps!

Here’s the template I used in this video if you want to print it out and have a go –

Then pens I use to line these up are Zig Millenium Lining Pens, you can buy them here:

Recommended Reading! Sean Hobdens book…it’s AMAZING trust me especially if you’re into traditional tattoos: