Life Is Beautiful Tattoo

Life Is Beautiful Tattoo

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Life is Beautiful (8/10) Movie CLIP – Buongiorno Principessa! (1997) HD
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Guido (Roberto Benigni) and Joshua (Giorgio Cantarini) send Dora (Nicoletta Braschi) a message of hope over the concentration camp’s PA system.

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Cast: Roberto Benigni, Giorgio Cantarini, Nicoletta Braschi
Director: Roberto Benigni
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Producer: Gianluigi Braschi, Mario Cotone, John M. Davis, Elda Ferri, Agnès Mentre
Screenwriter: Vincenzo Cerami, Roberto Benigni
Film Description: In this WW II tragicomedy, famed Italian funnyman Roberto Benigni (The Monster) portrays Guido, who moves during the ’30s from the country to a Tuscan town, where he is entranced by schoolteacher Dora (Nicoletta Braschi, Benigni’s real-life wife). Dora likes Guido, but she remains faithful to her pompous fiancé, so Guido has an uphill struggle. Meanwhile, anti-Semitic attitudes lead to attacks against Guido’s Jewish uncle (Giustino Durano). Leaping ahead to five years later, during WW II, Guido and Dora are married and have a son Giosue (Giorgio Cantarini). After they are imprisoned in a concentration camp, Guido goes to elaborate lengths to keep his son from understanding the truth of their situation. He tells the boy that they are competing with others to win an armored tank — so everything from food shortages to tattoos is explained as necessary for participation in the contest.

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